AURORA BOWKETT & AMY SLEVIN (26. & 27.11.2022)

Amy Slavin:


If you love to move your body, develop its skills and have a laugh in the process, you’ll love working with Amy. 

 She has always been into movement, from dance to parkour and flying trapeze.  She used to be an osteopath but switched to yoga because it was a more fun and effective way of getting people in pain better.  

Her non-dogmatic way of teaching encourages people to embrace their own movement, discover ways of moving they never imagined possible, and find freedom to move without fear of injury.   Through movement she teaches people to feel in control of their bodies, challenge themselves without realising how hard they’re working and expand their movement potential.


Aurora Bowkett:


Trained in Applied Neurology with Z-Health Performance Solutions and multiple movement disciplines such as Pilates, Yoga, Partner Acrobatics and Functional Mobility, Aurora has over 2500 hours of training and years of experience.

Movement has always been an integral part of her life - from sports to dance to martial arts.  After suffering from many injuries she delved deeper into yoga and pilates to find a safe way to create mobility and strength within her body.

Over the years she has taken over 800 hours of formal training in Yoga, Pilates and Acro-Yoga as well as hundreds more of self learning to further her own curiosity about her body and others.


Aurora Bowkett is also a professional operatic soprano, trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.  She is a strong stage performer, with a passion for the craft, who has followed in the Welsh tradition of competing at Eisteddfods and performing with male voice choirs.  

She has been lucky enough to perform in venues such as Wigmore Hall, Barbican Concert Hall and Milton Court Concert Hall and to participate in Masterclasses with Nuccia Focile, Mary King, Susan Bickley, Nicky Spence and Susan McCulloch. 

She has most recently performed the role of Donna Elvira with Opera CoPro, Flora with NWOS and has been selected to sing in the Dramatic Voice Symposium in New Orleans this September.




Saturday, 26.11.: 11.00-13.30
Handstands (Amy Slavin)
Love to handstand but struggle to hold it? Or perhaps you're ready for new handstand challenges. This workshop will give you the FUNdamentals for holding a handstand, then explore different ways to enter the handstand and play with leg variations for the adventurous.  It's a great one for strong yogis who love to go upside down and work hard and feel a sense of progress.
You will learn:
- How to fall (and how not to!)
- Stability exercises
- How the core is less important than you may think
- Different ways to enter a handstand
- Funky leg positions


Saturday, 26.11.: 16.00-18.30
Backbend Breakdown (Aurora Bowkett)
Backbends are often seen as fearful poses or ones which are avoided in our practice but back extension is a massively important range for our spines.  In this workshop I will breakdown the main issues when it comes to spinal mobility in a fun flow, combining active mobility, neuro hacks and some anatomical knowledge.  This will then be followed by a deeper look at how to apply this to specific postures and asana.  So whether you need help to deepen your flexibility if you are already advanced or are a beginner looking for tools to take home and integrate into your own practice, this workshop is for you! 
Sunday, 27.11.: 10.00-12.30
Bullet Proof Your Booty (Aurora Bowkett)
Whether you struggle to touch your toes or are looking to do an over split, it all comes down to the same idea: mobility and our active control of it.  Learning to safely access ranges in your body through strength based movements not only gives you more flexibility but also better abilities to coordinate and use it in other movements and skills.  Taking our traditional postures we will add some spicy variations to fire up the lower body, with a focus on hips and hamstrings.  We will also be looking at isolated joint work as a useful addition to our full body movements.  Upgrade your practice and gain not only flexibility but the strength and understanding of how to use it.  


Sunday, 27.11.: 14.00-16.30
Yin & Yoga Nidra (Amy Slevin)
You've worked hard, now wind down and deeply relax in this 2.5 hour workshop.  Amy will take you on a restorative journey with gentle flowing, rhythmic movements and stretches to lull your body and mind and calm your nervous system. Your body will feel loose and relaxed before you settle down for a 45-60 minute yoga nidra (yoga "sleep") - a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, induced by a guided meditation. You will experience a profound state of peace and bliss. 
Yoga nidra has many health benefits from improved immunity, reduced anxiety and helps induce restful sleep. This workshop is delicious.
Apply through email or in the studio! 


One workshop 55,00 eur
Two workshops 104,50 (5% discount)
Three workshops 148,50 eur (10% discount)
Four workshops 187,00 eur (15% discount )
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