Dominik is a member of Yinspiration team established by Jo Phee senior teacher.

He is an assistant of senior yoga instructor Jo Phee on numerous trainings around the world.



Dominik's practise of yoga combines over 800 hours of teacher trainings with senior Yin Yoga instructor Jo Phee, both as an assistant and as a student.

He spent over 7 years in China in order to deepen his knowledge of TCM that is at the core of his Yin Yoga practise.

Dominik's professional and educational experiences always circulate around spirituality, psychology, health and education. With a background in social anthropolgy and meditation and extensive travels to 30+ countries helphed him to become a popular instructor.


Both workshops are for students of all levels regardless their experience and knowledge.

For students who wants to deepen the practise and better understand their own body and do self study.



9.00-12.00 Summer Traditional Chinese Medicine Yin Yoga

These one day workshops are an introduction to Yin Yoga and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practice.
Students will deepen their knowledge of Yin Yoga and TCM and learn different techniques for processing mobility through yoga positions.
The workshops are dedicated to all practitioners regardless of their level of experience and knowledge. They offer hands-on application putting theory into practice.
- Introduction to the summer season and it's elements
- Fundamentals of TCM in Yin Yoga (theory and practice)
- Yin Yoga poses in the Fire element
- Philosophy and yoga practice
Ideal practise for everyone who wants to tune in themselves with approaching season, summer.
We are going to focus on most important aspects of the season (heart organ) according to Traditional Chinese Medicine and the traditional yoga to dive into all the goodness that both ancient techniques offer us today.
13.00-16.00 Detox Yin Yoga
- The foundations of Yin Yoga and TCM and its tricks for cleansing the body
- Stimulation of the main acupressure points
- Yoga practise to detox the body
Combined with the art of breathing (pranayama), we supply the organs with blood that is richer in oxygen. Yoga combined with TCM raises the entire purification process to a higher level. 
This workshop will teach a practitioner how to enjoy better health.
Dedicated to everyone who wants to improve the blood supply to internal organs, cleanse and reset the body.






Summer Traditional Chinese Medicine Yin Yoga 55 eur
Detox Yin Yoga 55 eur

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    22.05.2022 - 09.00-12.00 - Summer Traditional Chinese Medicine Yin Yoga
    22.05.2022 - 13:00-16:00 - Detox Yin Yoga
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