DOMINIK TRZNADEL 3.10. - 4.10.2020

Dominik is a member of Yinspiration team established by Jo Phee senior teacher.

He is an assistant of senior yoga instructor Jo Phee on numerous trainings around the world.



Dominik's practise of yoga combines over 800 hours of teacher trainings with senior Yin Yoga instructor Jo Phee, both as an assistant and as a student.

He spent over 7 years in China in order to deepen his knowledge of TCM that is at the core of his Yin Yoga practise.

Dominik's professional and educational experiences always circulate around spirituality, psychology, health and education. With a background in social anthropolgy and meditation and extensive travels to 30+ countries helphed him to become a popular instructor.


All four workshops are for students of all levels regardless their experience and knowledge.

For students who wants to deepen the practise and better understand their own body and do self study.


Introduction to Yin Yoga

 The content of this workshop:

- theory and practise

- anatomy of yoga postures

- fundamentals of TCM in Yin Yoga

- fascia

- yoga archetypes

 The workshop will introduce the most important principles and concepts of Traditional Chinese medicine in combination with yoga. Dominik will explain rules of this art both in theory and practise.


Autumn Traditional Chinese Medicine Yoga

 Summer is the hottest time of the year. When days are longer then nights. The warmth of the summer gives us energy to fully embrace the life with all it's joy. But it is also time of maturation: both on the outside world and insight us.

Traditional Chinese Medicine associates summer season with the fire element. Fire is connected to deeper emotion and social skill and is prone to imbalances this time of the year. When this element is balanced there is a sense of equilibrium, fulfilment and strong will.

This workshop is dedicated to those who want to embrace Yin energy during summer, get familiar with Traditional chinese Medicine related to the fire element and practise Yin yoga to balance body and mind during the summer.

Discover which poses can help you to stay harmonious through summertime and be healthy by connecting with the energy of this season.


Content of the workshop:

- introduction of autumn season and its element

- fundamentals of TCM for summer

- energy channels corresponding to the autumn season

- metal element in yoga poses (lungs, large intestine)

- philosophy and yoga practise


Introduction to MyoYin

This workshop will introduce the most important principles and concepts of ancient practise of Yoga (focused on Yin Yoga) in combination with modern science of Myofascial Release (MFR).

Benefits: learn how to release tension in the body and mind, improve circulation and flexibility by a deep relaxation of muscles and connective tissues.


Content of MyoYin Workshop:

- what is Myofascial Release and Yin Yoga (Theory)

- benefits of MFR and yoga combined

- ball therapy practise

- major trigger points

- stagnation and dehydration of the fascia

- skeletal segments and muscle groups

- yoga practise


MFR: Myofascial Release: Longevity and Fertility

Like many alternative therapies MFR promotes the philosophy that the mind and body should work together to maintain health. Myo Fascial Release is safe, highly efective, whole-body approach of treating pain and dysfunction in the body. Yoga Myo Fascial Release (commonly known as MFR) uses various techniques mixing yoga and therapy to apply sustained pressure to the fascia to reduce and eliminate fascial restrictions, tightness and chronic posture and/or alignment tissues.

Myofascial release workshop introduces the principles of the Yin Yoga practise combined with MFR techniques using tennis balls and scraping plates.

Training teaches how to release tension in the body. Students will be taught Yin Yoga postures in order to stress the tissues in the targeted area to increase circulation and improve flexibility. 







Introduction to Yin Yoga 55 eur
Summer Traditional Chinese Medicine Yin Yoga 55 eur
Introduction to MyoYin Yoga 55 eur
MFR (Miofascial Release): Longevity and Fertility 55 eur
Two workshops 104,50 eur (5% discount)
Three workshops 148,50 eur (10% discount)
Four workshops 187,00 eur (15% discount)
Early bird 176,00 eur (20% discount until 15.3.2020)

Izberi delavnico

    03.10.2020 - 11.00-14.00 - Introduction to Yin Yoga
    03.10.2020 - 17.00-20.00 - Autumn Traditional Chinese Medicine Yin Yoga
    04.10.2020 - 9:00-12:00 - Introduction to MyoYin
    04.10.2020 - 14:00-17:00 - MFR: Myofascial release; Longevity and Fertility
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