YIN YOGA & TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE (50 hrs) teacher training 29.09.2022-4.11.2022

Apply for the 50hrs Teacher Training of Yin Yoga and TCM with Dominik Trznadel in Nataraja studio, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Highly professional TTC is giving you an opportunity to deepen your knowledge and to set you on a path of truly relaxing yoga style that people are nowadays embracing more and more.

- A member of Yinspiration team established by Jo Phee senior teacher
- Assistant of senior yoga instructor Jo Phee on numerous trainings around the world
- Registered E-Ryt and Yacep Yoga Alliance teacher trainer

Dominik’s practice of yoga combines over 900 hours of teacher trainings with senior Yin Yoga instructor Jo Phee, both as an assistant and as a student. 

He spent over 7 years in China in order to deepen his knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine that is at the core of his Yin Yoga practice. 

1. Yin Yoga
Introduction of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
History and main concepts of TCM
Theory of Five Elements
The 3 Treasures (Jing, Qi, Shen)
Yin Yang Philosophy
Meridian Theory: location, functions, dysfunctions
Meridian Circuit Flow
Meridian Clock
Meridian Tracing, Tapping and Massage
Hand and Foot Meridian Points
The Five Element Theory
Guasha Technique
TCM Lifestyle, Diet and Maintenance

2. Chinese Medicine
Yin Yoga Theory and Practice
Analysis of Classic Yin Poses
Prop Usage and Modifications
Safety in Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga Sequencing
How To Teach Functional Yin Yoga
Incorporating Meridian Theory into Yin Yoga

3. Anatomy of Yoga (Hip)
Hip Anatomy
Physiology & Kinesiology (Hip)
Common Pathologies & Treatments (Hip)
Skeletal Variations (Hip)
Analysis of Yin Yoga Poses (Hip)

You will get a textbook, doll with drawn meridians and a certificate approved by Yoga Alliance.

Early Bird - 850,00 EUR, till 31st of August 
Standard price - 990 EUR, from 1st of September

Apply: natarajastudio@icloud.com

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